Learned to Trust Jesus

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Learned to Trust Jesus

Childs hand in Father hand with trust

Trust in Christ wasn’t inbuilt in me. But with the days of complete dependence on Him, I learned to Trust Him. He has never failed me until now. I still remember the stage of confusion after completing 12th std. And the sudden decision of going to Mumbai for studies.

Journey to New Place with Trust
Mumbai…A complete strange place. Always had heard about it and the fears that people had developed about this place in my mind. But Jesus was with me… At every step from admission till accommodation till journey. He remained faithful to my trust. He helped me in the form of a family with whom I stayed… In the form of nuns at the convent where I stayed for long. The strange place became just as if I knew it for ages. My first visit to Mount Mary Bandra for Bandra Fair. Such a crowdy place. By the time I reached Mumma Mary, I was totally exhausted. Only thing I asked was, ” If you want me to come here, get me here to serve you always “
I prayed ..and I forgot..But He didn’t forget.
Just after a year, I was a volunteer at Premjyoti…Serving Mumma Mary on Sundays on feast days. What a lovely gift of trusting HIM! God blessed me with a new family in Bandra.
Entry in Lonely Place

Then comes the entry in NARI Phaltan. Staying alone in the entire campus. But Jesus was still with me. He became my companion, my roommate, my best friend. Since then He taught me to be obedient, sincere, humble and more important to TRUST God above all means. He helped me to grow closer to him in a hostel at Sakinaka. I became more obedient and humble to do things.

The same Trust at a different location

How will a girl like me be happy with only this much dependence on Him? I shifted to Bangalore. Didn’t even knew the language. But He was with me in every trial I had to go through. Though I failed Him, complained about Him…He never let me be alone. Jesus still Loved me and Loves me. He surprises me daily with miracles.
Jesus raised me up to more than I can ever be. The Journey has not ended yet… still more to Love Him and Trust Him…

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