Did I Meet Jesus!

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Jesus Loves Me: Did I meet Jesus!

We all know that Jesus Loves us. I can simply say Jesus Loves me! But do we believe that God can meet us?
You must have heard the common saying; we meet God daily in the people we meet. It can be our family, can be our friends, or can be strangers. But yes we do meet Him. I have heard it many times but somewhere it’s hard to see God in every person we meet. I am very sure that Jesus loves me all the time. But there arrived a day which let me think: Did I meet Jesus!

Did I Meet Jesus text to indicate Jesus Loves me

On that particular day, I witnessed two incidents and these two incidents occurred within 2 hours of time span.

Incident One

I was going shopping with my family (Mom, Aunty, and Cousin Sisters). As we were five members we took two auto rickshaws. We were three in one auto and I was sitting on one side. I had a bag which had a water bottle on its side. The bottle fell down from auto on a signal.
There was a huge crowd on the signal. I requested to stop the auto as I wanted to go back and pick the bottle up. But due to traffic, the auto couldn’t be stopped in between. And also my Aunt wasn’t Ok with getting down on signal to get the bottle back. This made me get upset not just upset but very upset.
I knew it was just a normal water bottle and no one from family would actually shout at me for losing it. But still, I was upset. My Aunt noticed that I was sad and started cheering me up by saying: It was just a bottle, it wasn’t your mistake. She didn’t want me to get down on the signal as she felt it was risking our lives to get a simple water bottle. As per her, the water bottle wasn’t the worth for the risk involved. (She was actually true)

Starting to Pray

I remembered one of my favorite Bible Verse: Before they call I will answer; while they are yet speaking I will hear. Isaiah 65:24
It tells me that whenever I call out to Him He answers. It’s not just after I call, even when I think I need to call out to Him, He answers. I started praying. I didn’t know what Jesus would do in this situation to help me out. We had gone far from the spot where I had dropped the water bottle. I shouldn’t do this but I wanted the bottle so badly I started giving Jesus suggestions. “You know that I can’t get down and go back, but let someone come from behind and hand over the bottle to me”
In excitement, I just expressed my wish/dream that someone should come from behind and hand over the water bottle. This sounded like a big dream and impossible. Why would someone want to do this to a stranger? And as we were thinking it was a risk, why would someone take a risk for me? It wasn’t a movie but a real scenario.
At the same time, a man came on a bike. He just handed the bottle saying, “It had fallen down from your auto”. We all got shocked.
I couldn’t believe what had just happened. He didn’t wait and I couldn’t say him thanks nor did I could get to know who he was. But my face had a glow with a smile. And the smile had confidence, yes Jesus Loves me! The smile meant everything. Did I just meet Jesus!!! I thanked God. I had met Jesus through a stranger….

Incident Two

We then entered a mall for shopping. My cousin sisters wanted to buy some gifts for their friends and so they entered a gift store inside the mall. I preferred waiting outside with the trolley. One of my hobbies is to observe the people around as if I am just guest on this Earth. I enjoy correlating everything that I see with God’s Plan for us.
Then a lady came with two kids. The elder son might be around 6 years old and a younger daughter should be around 2 years old. The boy was holding the trolley and his sister was inside the trolley enjoying the ride inside the mall.
The mother entered the gift store while the kids were outside. The boy was slowly taking the trolley around in the available space so that his sister could enjoy. During this time, he happened to drop a flower vase by mistake. The vase was just kept outside the gift store.

My turn of action

The vase was quite big with sunflowers in it. It was huge for him to lift and keep it back to normal. He just glanced all over to see whether someone was observing him. He noticed that I had seen all that had happened. The boy got scared and went and stood on one side with his sister.
He looked so innocently as if he was calling God to help him out. I felt I should do this for him (I remembered the man who had brought the bottle for me) I just wanted to be available to God and arranged the vase back to normal.
After keeping the vase properly I looked at him and he gave me such a lovely smile. But before we could have any further conversation his mother came out and they left from that place. Even as they walked away, his face still carried that innocent smile. What a lovely smile! The smile made my day. Did that boy just meet Jesus? or he too had confidence that Jesus Loves me!
I felt it was a continuation of the first incident. Someone helped me and I helped someone. I saw God’s Love through someone and someone saw the same through me Something similar to what we read in 1 John 4:12 No one has ever seen God; if we love one another, God abides in us and his love is perfected in us.
So let us love one another. Let us try to be Jesus in someone’s life.

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