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About Let’s Pray Together

Let’s Pray Together is a group of friends who love to share the Word of God. We share the word of God and various prayers to nurture spiritual journey and experience love of God. It’s not an organization, prayer group, or a counseling group but just a common group of children of God. Prayer requests are accepted and sent to other intercession groups. Readers are most welcome to share their testimony so that we could post it on our blog to inspire many souls. Please be sure that we assist (we do not teach) in whatever way possible to improve your journey with the Lord. We always strive to help our readers have a blessed journey with the Lord. Our main motto is to instill the Love of God

Why Do We Call Ourselves Let’s Pray Together?

In December 2011, we started sending Daily Bible SMS to family and friends. The requests were increasing day by day and there was a need for us to get a Name. We decided on taking the name ‘Let’s Pray Together’, as we will just be facilitating the journey. Also, all that we do is together with our recipients. The name just came out spontaneously based on our motto. Then few of our members suggested that we have an online presence and so we started a Facebook page.  Later, to build up a community we created a Facebook group.

Services by Let’s Pray Together

We friends make an attempt to share the love of God using various modes. The Word of God is the heart of all our services. All our services are run as a personal commitment by our volunteers. Hence, there are no charges for our services. But we provide few affiliate links on our blog to support our blog. Presently the available services are as below:

1. Daily Bible Verse: We at Let’s Pray Together circulate daily Bible Verses via WhatsApp. This journey is continuing since 2011. You can subscribe for Daily Bible Verses for free.

2. Bible Verse Image: We send Bible image quotes daily on WhatsApp. Subscribing to Bible verse images is easy and free.

About the Author


It’s me Asmita. I am not someone very special but just a simple daughter of Christ. The Child of God which is blessed with lovely friends who support and encourage in running this blog. I don’t know everything neither do I claim to know everything. Whatever I write is my personal journey and views. I also write about my observations, studies and experiences of friends. I have complicated my life at times. Made wrong decisions and messed up everything. But through it all, I have learned to depend on His Word. Struggles have made me stronger in faith. Let’s Pray Together blog is especially to share His love. It is not to boast about ourselves but to boast about Christ. It is a simple attempt to nurture faith.

Social Presence of Let’s Pray Together

Do check our social platforms: FacebookPinterestInstagramTwitter and follow us. Every follower is important to us and we take it as a great encouragement. We get motivated by your feedback and suggestions.
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