The Secret for How to be happy revealed

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How to Be happy?

How to be happy is a great mystery in the present world. Although being happy is every person’s desire but not many are seemed to be really happy. We want to be happy, joyful and enjoy every moment of life at fullest. Due to this, we try so many different ways to be happy. We land up taking different paths just in search of happiness. The worldly paths of happiness keep us so engrossed and the final outcome is feeling disappointed, lonely, depressed. Sometimes, we get lost in search of happiness but never find it. And our questions of How to be happy always remains unanswered! So, what do you think are the real ways to be happy?

Revealing the Secret to Happiness!

Today, I will reveal the secret to happiness. The most awaited answer for how to be happy was answered many years ago but we seem to have forgotten it. Do you remember the ways to happiness and who gave it? Jesus Christ came down to earth that we might have life in fullness. He revealed the secret to be happy forever. Can you recollect the way given by Jesus for happiness? Jesus gave a secret to a happy life; he revealed the most awaited answer for how to be happy and radiate joy wherever we are. We can also be happy and full of joy just like the saints before us if we follow his ways to happiness.

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What is this Secret to Happiness?

There is no doubt that real happiness can never be found in the world and material things around us. True happiness is from within and not from worldly things. As we know our worldly desires can never be completely satisfied. They go on increasing day by day. This increases our loneliness and depression and finally, we end up in sorrow. It can never take us to happiness and can never be an answer for how to be happy. The happiness and joy in the world and its things are short-lived. Whereas, the joy and happiness that we will gain by following Jesus will be eternal. He has given us a secret for never-ending happiness. His way to happiness is unique and proven. Remember the joy the saints had.

Promised rewards  by Jesus

Jesus has given us few rewards, which are : For theirs is the kingdom of heaven, For they will be comforted, For they will inherit the land, For they will be satisfied, For they will be shown mercy, For they will see God, For they will be called children of God Who amongst us doesn’t want these rewards? These are the greatest blessings that one could hope for! They will make us happy forever. Yes, Jesus is giving us these rewards provided we follow his way for happiness. And to follow his way of happiness we need to live the Beatitudes.

What are Beatitudes?

In simple terms we need to be poor in spirit, meek, mourn, we need to hunger for righteousness, merciful, peacemaker. These are indeed the beatitudes that we need to live. It is the way of life that Jesus lived amongst us. He lived beatitudes fully right from his birth in the manger till his death on the cross at Calvary. Jesus radiated joy, he was always happy and now He is teaching us to be happy. The happiness that lasts forever. Pope Francis in one of his sermons has said that Beatitudes are the style of Christianity. That is how every Christian is supposed to live. So, you know the secret answer for how to be happy! Yes, it’s by living the beatitudes.

The secret to Live Beatitudes and Be Happy

Don’t worry, living beatitudes is not very complicated. St. Thomas Aquinas has given us a secret to living the beatitudes. (Taken from a video of Bishop Barren) “Despise what Christ despised on the Cross and Love what Christ Loved on the Cross” It’s so simple to live the beatitudes. Now let’s see what did Christ despise on the Cross.

  1. Wealth: He was stripped naked, no wealth at all.
  2. Pleasure: He suffered both physically and emotionally. There was no pleasure for him to be hung on the cross.
  3. Power: even being the Son of God he couldn’t even move his finger. No power at all.
  4. Honor: Will it be an honor to be crucified among the sinners? He was crucified with robbers.

Now let’s have a look at what did Christ Love on the Cross: Christ was crucified only for the will of the Father which He always loved doing. He was so pure in heart that he didn’t have a second thought then to be crucified. Jesus showed mercy, he was a peacemaker and hungered for righteousness. Now we know how we can be happy forever. I know this has turned your expectations upside down. But this is the true way for happiness as Saint Augustine said: “Our hearts are restless until they rest in you.”

Things we can do to be happy forever.

We need to despise ourselves from material wealth, basic things are always fine. But despise from greed, pleasure, honor, and power; for you have received everything by God’s grace. Be spiritually poor, it doesn’t always mean to be financially poor. But the detachment from material things. Only when we detach ourselves from the material things we can focus on God’s blessings. The lowliness in spirit is essential. Be always humble as Christ. He humbled Himself to be an ordinary man, even for death on the cross. Can’t we humble ourselves to be happy? Sometimes we need to mourn only then we will be comforted. Many times, we take mourning for granted pretending to be strong. But I say, cry sometimes, God will comfort you. Let the hidden feelings come out and your heart will be lighter and make you happy. Also, we need to mourn for our sins, our wrongdoings.

Today, while searching this answer for how to be happy, humble yourselves from your pride. Take up the shield of humility, be a peacemaker, be merciful just as your father is merciful. Just give freely what you have received freely. God has blessed you in abundance freely, he has forgiven you freely, so forgive others freely. Help modern-day victims of disappointments, unemployment, loneliness, hatred, rejection, broken relationships.(message of Pope Francis) Never hold prejudice or be jealous of someone. God will bless each one according to his deeds. God is the supreme judge and he has never turned away from you. Don’t compare yourself to the material world. Most important always do the will of the Father. Remember your reward is great in heaven.

Final Message

Beatitudes focus on good things we can do in our lives and once we start being good there is no room for bad things. Once we start living beatitudes, we will gain eternal happiness, there won’t be any chance for sorrow, you won’t need to search how to be happy again.  So, let’s pray today “Dear Loving Father, make me poor in spirit, make me meek and humble. Help me to be merciful. Help me to make peace wherever needed. Loving Father, help me to be always pure at heart and be your loving child. Let me radiate your love and joy wherever I go. Thank you, father. Amen”

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