If I Could Only See You!

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Jesus Help me to See you.

Yes if I could see you in everything, the World would be a different destination for me. Jesus, please help me to see you in everything I do and everyone I Meet. This blog post is my eagerness to see Jesus in everything and everywhere.

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If I Could Only See You

The day starts and I am getting late and I get a call on a phone
Ohh… Soo annoyed I am…
What If I Could only see you calling Me…
I stepped out of my room and the same daily neighbors are staring at me
Ohh… Soo irritated I am
What If I Could only See You Smiling at Me…
I am just rushing on the road and suddenly a vehicle blocks my way
Ohh… Soo angry I am on the driver
What If  I Could only See You stopping before Me…
The boring daily walk to the office
Ohh…How Lonely I am
What If I Could only See you walking along with Me…
The Busy road and someone comments on me
Ohh…How much I am bursting with Anger
What If I Could only See You Complementing Me…
When the person I dislike asks for help
Ohh… I am so stubborn not to help
What If I Could only See You asking help from Me…
When someone corrects my mistake
Ohh…So full of Ego I am to be corrected
What if I Could only See You Correcting Me…
The World would be a Better Place Only If I Could See You Jesus in every person I come across
Ohh…How Happy I would be in your presence forever…
What If I Could only See You in everyone I meet
And everything was just a matter between Me and You and not between Me and Others…

Dear Lord give me the grace to feel your presence in everything I do…

Grant me the grace to be humble to accept my mistakes
And give me the courage to step forward and Love Others as You did…
Jesus help me to see you

About Me:

I am a child of God. Who loves to share the love of God through life incidents. I enjoy experiencing Christ in the day to day life. I Like to be connected with you and hear back from you. Connect to me on Let’s Pray Together Social Media: FacebookPinterestInstagramTwitter

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