The Reason why your Ability is not important anymore

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I Can’t do it: It’s not my Ability

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We always think if it was my ability, I would have done so many great things. We do want to do a lot of tasks, achieve success, become famous, do great service, be a role model. But one thing holds us back! Yes, that’s our ability. We feel we are not capable to do those things. It’s not my cup of tea is our answer to ourselves. Indeed, it can be true that it’s not your cup of tea. You are not capable to do certain tasks. But today I will give you reasons for why your ability is not important anymore. Yes, you heard it right. Your ability is not important anymore. There is something more important than just your ability.

We are not alone to Judge our Ability

If we see in the Holy Bible, we realize that we are not alone in judging our ability. Isn’t it similar to Mary who was chosen to be the mother of God? Her first thought was how is it possible? Can’t we relate ourselves to Moses who was chosen to save the Israelites? At first, he gave God so many excuses that he couldn’t be the chosen one to save Israelites as he was not capable of it. Is our situation not similar to Abraham who was called to be the father of Nation? As per him, his old age made it impossible to bear a child.

How are They Similar to Us?

We know about Mother Mary-Our Mother. An ordinary girl from Nazareth. Was she really able to be the Mother of God with her own ability? Had she ever thought that she will bear Jesus in her womb? But what made her Mother of God is the grace of God and not her ability. Think of Moses, who had planned to run away from God. Did he save Israelites with his own ability? Did he part the red sea with some magical powers in him? No, not at all. It was all God’s grace and support. Moving further to Abraham. He was so old that he couldn’t even think of having a child. Do you think he got Isaac with his own ability? Did he become the father of Nation because he had some superpowers? He had no superpowers but the grace of God. 

What makes these people be Great?

Is it their ability that made them great? No, it’s their availability. The openness to God’s call made them great. I hope you have got my point. It’s not our ability that makes us do great things. But its all His grace. And to benefit from God’s grace, we need to be available to Him. We have to make ourselves available for His Plans. Imagine if mother Mary wasn’t available for God’s call. Would she give birth to Jesus? If Moses was not available, could he save Israelites? Imagine if Abraham was not available to God’s call, was he to be the father of Nation?

Our favorite saint, Mother Teresa said, “God is looking for our availability and not our ability.”. Her availability made her saint. Her availability made her capable to love sinners, serve poor, feed hungry, care for the helpless and give hope for hopeless. God can make great wonders through you and your simple life. He just needs you to be available. Yes, indeed God is looking for your availability and not your ability. As we know we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

Can we be Available to God’s Plan?

So why are we waiting? Do we hear God calling us for something? Are we doubtful of our ability? Don’t worry, He can work wonders. Just be available to His call. Be available to whatever he asks you. It might be just simple works of labor or your presence. Believe in Him, He can work great wonders through you only if you are available for Him. We will learn to trust Him through these simple things.

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